Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fat Wad of Gum

Ever get so distracted by one visual detail that you completely miss what the person is saying?


  1. Thank god there's no audio with this.

    TC, you rock.


  2. My wife's an avid curling fan. Colleen Jones was a top Canadian skip (not someone who skips, by the way... but more like the captain of the team)for a while before her team mates punted her to the curb. One of the reasons, I swear, was that she used to sport a monster wad and looked more like a speared fish than an athlete. I could never get by the chewing and now you've brought it all back in all it's hideous chewiness.


  3. I was looking for a photo or link to accompany my story. Your pic is perfect.

    Here is part of the story:
    It was silent, except for the constant smish-smash smacking sound of the gum being brutalized and manipulated between the molars of the man’s mouth. When his teeth weren’t man-handling the Wrigley’s that she imagined had been in his mouth since the day before, his tongue maneuvered around to do the rest. (She hypothesized that he was a terrible, terrible French kisser.) His lips were drawn tightly against his teeth as his jaw jumped up and down like a jack hammer on the loose. The longer he chewed the gum, she swore the sound became more amplified…like there was a microphone right underneath his chin and the speaker was wired directly into her head.

    She wanted to punch him to get him to stop. And she was a petite girl. She wanted to jump on all fours across the room and straddle his body as though she were a werewolf in heat and them pummel his head with her fists until that damn wad of grey gum he was slurping was released from the slimy captivity of his mouth....

  4. Cool! Sure. Thanks for asking.
    Where are you posting your story? It seems like you may have already met the subject of the illustration. ;-)