Sunday, August 15, 2010


We didn't see him/her but we did see seven other small ones (serving tray size)


  1. We were up in cottage country a couple of weeks ago and met his sister. Had to swerve at 80 K (OK... maybe 90. But 80 is all I'll admit to) on an already swervy road. Hope she made it to the other side of the road (our daughters INSIST it was a "she".) Visiting relatives can be dangerous work.

  2. It can indeed. We spared the lives of a family of skunks on what sounds like the same road. Pesky wildlife.

    I'm thinking of adding (not the felon) to my own name now. Yours is topical, but it has kind of a classic ring to it.

    - Tonia Cowan (not the felon)

  3. Too bad your name wasn't OJ Simpson. Talk about your topical. The great thing with YOUR name is it will get people asking "There's a Tonia Cowan who IS a felon?" Mass confusion.

    You've got to love it.